Flair Sounds is a music production company with the sole intention of creating great music and helping artists. There is so much incredible music about but unfortunately I feel a lot of it doesn't get the respect it deserves, so I endeavour to work with passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious artists in creating music that attains a high level of accomplishment to share with the world. Any genre, any project, as long as it is captivating. I’ve grown up mostly with a background in punk rock, which inspired me with it’s integrity and authenticity, two of the most important aspects that I feel makes music so enthralling, regardless of the genre. I graduated with a BA (Hons) Music Production degree in 2016 and completed the Hardcore Mixing Course in 2017 which helped aid my knowledge and experience in a variety of areas, allowing me to reach the level of professionalism I am confident in.

I offer a range of services such as, but not limited to; producing, mixing, composing and session musician work. Each project is treated in it’s own bespoke way with 100 percent commitment, whether it is still an idea or nearly completed, I actively focus on seeing the project through. I work mainly in my small home studio equipped with a sound booth I built with the purpose for recording vocals, guitar amps and other smaller instruments. For larger recording tasks, such as drums and live bands, using my mobile set up, my preference is to hire spaces to accommodate these. Alternatively, artists can choose where to record, allowing flexibility of recording in their own spaces given they are suitable enough.

-Nick Naylor

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